Dr. Krause is a fabulous doctor- smart, thorough, proactive in her thinking- all with a wonderful, caring manner. She knows her patients and seems honestly interested in them Unlike many doctors, she really listens to her patients (which I know from my own experience as well as that as family and friends).
— Marisse W.

Highly competent, very smart, nice, caring. Not rushed, good communicator. I always feel confident in what she suggests as she thoroughly gathers data, thinks carefully about the whole picture and talks about alternatives including pros and cons before making a recommendation. I have known her for many years and she’s wonderful.
— Verified Patient
She is very kind, thoughtful, comforting and listens. She never appears rushed and remembers details about your life - very engaging! I would highly recommend her!
— G. Davis

Dr. Krause is wonderful. I have been going to her for years. She helped diagnose a very rare condition. I went through a whirlwind of doctors and presto, I found her, she fixed it and I am happy! Anytime I have a concern and don’t want to wait for a day, she finds a way to accommodate me and helps relieve my fears. She spends as much time with you as you need and has a wonderful ‘bedside’ manner.
— Verified Patient
Dr. Krause has a very calm bedside manner. I have never spent so much time with a doctor who took time to answer all my questions. I trust her clinical knowledge and skills and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a gentle yet talented physician.
Dr. Krause was kind, polite, knowledgeable. She didn’t seem rushed, cracked a few jokes, and seemed to care about my wellbeing. She was very gentle with the exam and extremely thorough. She is conservative and would rather be safe than sorry. I wouldn’t trade her for anyone!